Ako Dhong - An Ede traditional village

Located about 2km to the north of Buon Ma Thuot city center, this village was established in 1958 by chief of village Ama H'rin migrated from M’Drak district. In the beginning of establishment, there were only 10 houses and 50 people in the village. Nowaday, Ako Dhong village has 94 househo See more details

Lak lake - a silk fillet on mountains

Lak Lake, located at Lien Son town – Lak district, one of the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. Lak Lake has an area of about 500 hectares, situated at an altitude of over 500m above sea level. Residents living around the lake are mostly the  M'Nong, villages like Le, Jun, M See more details

Nam Ka - An ideal ecotourism destination

Nam Ka, a nature conservation area in Lak district, Daklak province has an area of approximately 24,555 hectares of core and about 1,100 hectares of buffer. The altitude is from 418 m to 1294 m, the average temperature from 200 - 250 C, average annual rainfall is 1800 mm and average humidity i See more details

Yok Don - a typical deciduos forest

Yok Don National Park (Buon Don district) situated more than 40 km to the west of Buon ma Thuot city with 115.545hectares where is the conservation of natural resources of precious national forest ecosystem. Especially, deducious forest, with rare animals, natural lakes, rivers, waterfalls. See more details
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Introduce Vietnam Highland Travel Co.,Ltd

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Vietnam Highland Travel Co.,Ltd was established in 2002 by Mr. Chita who is very good at running Ecotourism & Adventurous Trips in The Central Highlands of Vietnam. Our head office based in Buon Ma Thuot city where is the heart of the region.

We have full International Tour Operator Licence (No. 66-001/2010/TCDL-GP LHQT) issued by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism . We offer active environmentally friendly package trips to travelers who like adventure, love to return to the wild and explore the cultural characteristics of local ethnic people, involving trekking, camping, forest biking, wildlife watching, and kayaking. We organize guided real experience trips in remote ethnic villages in the Central Highlands, cooking and staying overnight with local minority families. Besides, we organize classical excursions to see the natural beauties such as waterfalls, lakes...or historical sites, famous pagodas and other attractions. In addition to our pre-organized trips, we offer customized guided trips and we can also arrange a part of your travel including tour guide, hotels, transportation, airlines and bus ticket. Otherwise, we can help you to organize your self-guided travel in a reasonable, useful, interesting and safe way.

Almost destinations indicated in the programs of Vietnam Highland Travel are featured in scenery, in local culture and less frequented by tourists. We offer ideal chances and conditions for remote traveling in The Central Highlands of Vietnam. If you prefer to adventure, love nature and like exploring local culture with responsibility and sharing, we cordially invite you to have a look on our website and see what we offer. We are sure that you will find something that is just right for you!