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Yok Don - a typical deciduos forest

Friday, 02 July 2010 16:15 administrator
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Yok Don National Park (Buon Don district) situated more than 40 km to the west of Buon ma Thuot city with 115.545hectares where is the conservation of natural resources of precious national forest ecosystem. Especially, deducious forest, with rare animals, natural lakes, rivers, waterfalls.

This forest has many different species of birds, rare animals, many varieties of orchids and herbs. Including, 62 animals, 169 birds, 46 reptiles, 13 amphibians, 464 species of plants, mostly orchid pearl; besides 56 species of rare animals, there are 38 species in this park, 17 of them named in the World Red Book. Some common species of wildlife such as elephant, tiger, panther, bear, wild buffalo, fly mink, gaur, otters, jackals, pheasants ... and other rare birds like the eagle, and land royal phoenix.  Yok Don National Park is a place that receives the wild elephants from Tanh Linh forest - Binh Thuan province in 2001.

Over the years, this is an attracting spot for domestic and foreign tourists. Tourism types here included: Hiking, camping, elephant riding, bird watching, or seeing animals at night by pick-up trucks.

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