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I. Geography & Climate

Located in the Central Highlands, Gialai province covers an area of 15,537 sq km and borders Binh Dinh and Phu Yen province in the east, Ratanakiri province (Cambodia) in the west, Daklak Province in the south and Komtum Province in the north. Lying in the tropical monsoon region and at the elevation of 600-800m, the province typifies two distinct seasons (the rainy season from April to October and the dry season from November to March in next year). .

II. Nature

As a mountainous province, Gialai has been classified into one of the tourist destinations of the country with magnificent landscapes such as Bien Ho, Phu Cuong waterfall, the towering pass of Mang Yang like a giant dragon winding up to Pleiku makes the region much more impressive. Besides, the primeval forests of Kon Cha Rang and Kon Ka King typically representing the flora and fauna of south-eastern Asia are also ideal for ecological researches. In addition, large plantations of rubber, coffee, tea, and other kinds of crops hold out a promising prospect for the economic development of the province in future.

III. Ethnic minorities

The population is over 1,100,000 people, of which 49% are constituted by ethnic minority groups such as Giarai, Banar... In ancient time, there existed in Gialai two old states (Thuy Xa and Hoa Xa) whose cultural trace which has been preserved for such a long time can still be found in the villagers’ religious ceremonies, architecture of their Rong houses, houses on stilts, and hutted-tomb graveyards with striking wooden statues and in their popular festivals such as buffalo-killing ceremony (to cerebrate victories), Phasold (to ward off the evil spirits), Pothi, Ming chem (to pray for fine weather).

The ethnic cultural characteristics are festival, Gongs, jar wine and weaving.

IV. Travel activities

You can do trekking and visiting some ethnic villages that belong to Giarai and Banar people to learn about the native cultures. Learn more about burry culture in Plei Phun village of Gia Rai ethnic group. Enjoy a Gongs show with locals around a camp fire in Dektu & Dekrol villages of Banar minority.

V. Accommodations

The same Buon Ma Thuot, Almost hotels in Pleiku are standard and there are some ones are superior such as Hoang Anh Gialai hotel and Tre Xanh hotel. You can also spend the night in a Rong house or house on stilts in ethnic village of Banar minority but not as comfortable as staying in Buon Ma Thuot and Kontum.

VI. Getting there & Away

There are three National Highways reaching Pleiku, the capital town of the province: National Highway 25 connecting Pleiku and Tuy Hoa. National Highway 19 Pleiku and Quy Nhon. National Highway 14 stretching from Pleiku to Buon Ma Thuot, Kom Tum and Da Nang. By air, you can reach Pleiku from Hanoi, Danang and Saigon.

VII. Map