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Ako Dhong - an Ede traditional village

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Located about 2km to the north of Buon Ma Thuot city center, this village was established in 1958 by chief of village Ama H'rin migrated from M’Drak district. In the beginning of establishment, there were only 10 houses and 50 people in the village. Nowaday, Ako Dhong village has 94 households, 53 houses, 800 inhabitants, living by planting rice, coffee and tourism activities, weaving, wine production, and selling souvenirs. Especially, organizing prayer rituals for a new house, good health, and welcome ceremony...

The speed of urbanization in Buon Ma Thuot city is rapid, but visitors who come to Ako Dhong village still see the Ede traditional long house-on-stilts beside modern houses under trees, along the main road through the village. Visitors have a chance to dance with young Ede girls and boys, enjoy jar wine and participate in a Gongs show... It’s unforgetable memoires!