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I. Geography & Climate

As the capital city of Lam Dong province, the southernmost province in the Central Highlands, Dalat is always listed as one of the most ideal destinations in Vietnam for both home and foreign visitors. At the approximate elevation of 1,500m above sea-level and affected by tropical monsoon climate, Dalat has two distinct seasons: rainy season from May to November, dry season from December to April next year. Average temperature is 180-250C, cool temperate weather all year round. Average rainfall of 1,750 - 3,150 mm, average humidity is 85 - 87%.

II. Nature

Vietnam is proud of its old-aged civilisation, heroic history, endless and fertile golden rice fields, ect. But it has only one Dalat which is well-known for her natural charm and beauty. Endowed with fresh air, temperate climate all the year round and exclusive landscape, this highland city has long evoked the endless inspiration of poets, composers as well as painters; hence, many of them do not hesitate to tenderly name the city as “City of Flowers”, “City of Eternal Spring”, “City of Love”, or even “ Le Petit Paris”, ect.

Whatever effort one makes to describe Dalat, they find it difficult to express in words all the attractiveness and exclusiveness that she possesses. Only when setting foot on her land do they perceive the romantic and poetical features of this lovely city.

For years, Dalat has become popular as a cool retreat from the sweltering heat of the other part of the country.

The same other mountainous provinces Lam Dong has some National Parks such as: Nam Cat Tien, Biduop Nui Ba...

III. Ethnic minorities

Dalat is a land of many ethnic groups converge, with over 40 different groups live together, the largest of which, the Kinh is about 77%, K’ho is 12%, Ma is 2.5%, Nung is 2%, Tay is 2%, Churu is 1.5%, and the rest other ethnic groups have a rate below 1% live sparsely in remote areas.

The ethnic cultural characteristics are festival, Gongs, jar wine and weaving.

IV. Travel activities

Come to Dalat - Lam Dong, you can do trekking and watching the wildlife in Nam Cat Tien National Park or climbing up the Langbian mountain, rock climbing, abseiling and mountainous biking. Besides, you can see some ethnic villages that belong to K’ho people and enjoy a Gongs show with camp fire.

V. Accommodations

To The Central Highlands, hotels in Dalat are the best quality with many comfortable ones from standard to deluxe. You will have many choices for your accommodations there.

VI. Getting there & Away

The city is accessible from the major cities by land route (Hochiminh City, 300km; Nhatrang, 140km; Buonmathuot, 190km) or by air with the scheduled flights from Hochiminh City (50 min), from Hanoi (100 minutes) and from Danang (80 minutes).

VII. Map