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Our slogan is “Interact and Share”, It means bring our you deep into nature and close to real local life to understand and share the responsibilities. Because, besides enjoying your trips, we want you and us share a part of responsibility to environmental protection and social developing of local communities by friendly and sustainably way. That is traveling with a mission to share.

We have been working hard to ensure that our trips are friendly with environment and responsible to local communities. We are committed to ensure that local people not only benefit financially from tourism but also are our true business partners by helping us to organize and develop our community tour programs and activities. They offer accommodation in their own house and cook local food for you. Local old people who are capable of playing traditional instruments will perform on Gongs music, drink Jar wine and interact with you. Local young people help us as porters during the trek through the forest, other people using their vehicles that are dugout boats to take you across the river or enjoy the scenery of the mountains and forests surrounding a beautiful lake. And furthermore, one of the most characteristic activity that not be found in Vietnam, except the Central Highlands, that is traveling on an elephant’s back. You will have opportunity to be excited and enjoy the beauty of nature, villages ... while sitting on the back of elephant. To highlanders, the elephant is a valuable asset, not own by one, but some family or the village. Through these activities, local people have more jobs, increase their income from employment. This should be limited to hunting, burning and deforestation for milpa that is a habit of ethnic minority people The Central Highlands for a long time. And through these activities also, you will be with us to convince local people have more positive sense of the preservation of cultural character, living and natural environment. Besides, we organize tourism activities in National Parks or Natural Conservation Areas for you and you must pay for your trips, then it is part of your contributions on conservation and developing the local natural environment.

If you co-operate with us, we hope that we will successfully expand our activities and become one of the leading privately owned Ecotourism and Adventurous tour operator in the Central Highlands in particular and in Vietnam in general.

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